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Top 5 Heaviest Man on Earth Ever Lived!

Heaviest man in earth

Human body has its limitations. So what is the limitation of human body in terms of the weight it can reach? In this article we are going to discuss about the top 5 heaviest man on earth ever…

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Top 5 Heaviest Vegetable in the World Ever Recorded!

heaviest pumpkin in the world

Everything looks normal until it is not! The nature never stops to surprise us. And with added human skills, human are capable of getting the best out of nature. In this article we are going to explore the…

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Top 5 Largest Stadium in the World with Maximum Capacity!

largest stadium in the world

Stadium is derived from the Latin word “Stadion”. Stadium is the place for outdoor events, sports and concerts which consists of field and built structures. In the modern world a stadium is recognized officially when 50% of actual…

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Top 5 Shortest Men in the World Ever Lived!

shortest men in the world

The world keeps on surprising us. There has been many shortest men in the world in the past and in the present too, there are many short men living with us. Today we will be talking about the…

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Top 5 Most Populated Countries in The World!

most populated countries

There are total of 195 countries in the World. And each countries have different population which is mainly dependent on the area covered by the country and also the type of geography available in the country. The countries…

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Top 5 Deadliest Earthquake with Most Deaths in the History!

earthquake with most deaths

Earthquake is one of the major natural disaster that is responsible for huge number of deaths in the world. Earthquake is known as the shaking of surface of earth due to the huge energy released in the lithosphere…

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Top 5 Best English TV Series of All Time!

best english TV series

A lot of English series has been made till date. But only a few of them have received the global popularity. These series are broadcasted in television so are called TV series. The first TV shows started in…

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Top 5 Hindi Television Series of 2018 To Watch Out!

Hindi Television Series

Many Hindi Television Series has been released in year 2017-2018. These Hindi TV Series varies from poor, average and excellent to watch. We are going to list out here the top 5 best Hindi Television Series of 2018…

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Top 5 Harmful Effect of Sleep Loss in Human Health!

effect of sleep loss

A moderate amount of sleep is required for the optimum functioning of the body. A human body requires 6 to 8 hours of sleep according to the intensity of work he/she performs. All muscles of the body gets…

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Top 5 Lungs Damaging Habits You Need To Take Care Of!

lungs damaging habits

Lungs are the major organs for respiration. Lungs are located on both sides of the heart. They are below the rib cage and above the diaphragm. The two lungs are not equal in size. The right lungs are…

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