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Top 5 Highest Ranking Universities in the World!

highest ranking universities

A university is an institution which provides higher education and research which awards academic degrees in various academic disciplines. It typically provides undergraduate and postgraduateĀ  education. There are 26,368 universities in the world. Among so many top university…

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Top 5 Habits for a Healthy Living in Life!

habits for a healthy living

Investment in health will pay you with more profits than any other investments you will ever make. We all are busy making money at the cost of our health. It often gets late when we really appreciate the…

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Top 5 Countries that Lifted more World cup Trophies

lifted more worldcup

World cup was started from 1930 in Uruguay where 13 teams took part. World cup now contains 32 teams. Since 1930 many world cup took place in different countries. Here, we in this article we will learn about…

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Top 5 Players To look out for in 2018 World cup

players to look out for

World cup 2018 starting from June 14, 2018 is being held in Russia. 32 teams who made it all the way to the world cup are going to put all their efforts to take the trophy to their…

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Top 5 Greatest Goalkeepers of present generation

goalkeepers of present generation

There are few greatest goalkeepers in the world. They are the last man to save their team, we can call them the saviors! In this article, we will be discussing about greatest goalkeepers of present generation. The goalkeeper,…

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Top Five Beautiful Places to Visit in Chitwan

Top five places to visit in Chitwan

For all the tourist who wanted to visit chitwan, here we present you the top five places to visit in Chitwan. Even most of the local people might not have visited some of these places due to lack…

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Top Five Best Operating System in the World!

best operating systems

Which operating system are you using? It may be linux, mac osx or windows operating system. Here are the list of five best operating systems selected on the basis of votes given by the users. There are lots…

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