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Scientists with Highest IQ in the World- Epic Top 5!

scientists with highest IQ

Today we are going to learn about the top 5 scientists with highest IQ. Many brilliant minds have come and gone from the earth and although there is no accurate means of finding out the exact scenario of…

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Plague with Highest Death Toll Count in the History- Epic Top 5

plague with highest death toll

In this article we are going to find out about the top 5 plague with highest death toll count in the history of the world. But firstly we are going to know about the plague first. So what…

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Top 5 Deadliest Earthquake with Most Deaths in the History!

earthquake with most deaths

Earthquake is one of the major natural disaster that is responsible for huge number of deaths in the world. Earthquake is known as the shaking of surface of earth due to the huge energy released in the lithosphere…

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Top 5 Country at Highest Risk of Volcanic Eruption!

highest risk of volcanic eruption

Volcano is the coming out of hot lava, gases and volcanic ash from the inside of earth by breaking the earth’s crust. Volcanoes occur because the earth’s crust is broken to 17 strong tectonic plates which are floating…

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Top 5 Critically Endangered Species in the World of Animals!

endangered species in the world

There are lots of species of animals in the world. Many of the species are lost in the process of evolution. Human encroachment on nature has resulted in loss of habitat of lots of animals. The animals in…

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Top 5 Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men!

why women live longer

In most of the species, female live longer than male of that species. Among humans too, the same thing follows. In every country scenario we can see the life expectancy of women being higher. So, what could be…

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Top 5 Fastest Bird in The World with Amazing Speed!

fastest bird in the world

Birds fly with the help of their wings. They are warm blooded animals. They are generally fast in terms of speed. But among them, there are some birds which fly the fastest. In this article we will be…

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Top 5 Teeth Damaging Habits that you Need to Work On!

teeth damaging habits

Teeth are of vital importance to human body. The major function of teeth is to grind the food into smaller particles and thus helping in digestion. It is said that you need to bite food for 32 times…

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Top 5 Fastest Swimming Fishes in the World!

fastest swimming fishes

Just like Cheetah on the land is the fastest running animals with the speed of 109.4–120.7 km/h (68.0–75.0 mph), let’s find out about the fastest swimming fishes in the world. The water is 7 times denser than air,…

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