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Everybody knows that there are adverse health effects of smoking cigarettes. Smoking is hateful to the nose, harmful to the brain and dangerous to the lungs. Smoking is related to practically every terrible thing that can happen to you. Knowing this truth, smoker keeps on smoking.

The new young smokers might fall in the illusion of fashion and showoff as per western society and it will help them to move on with the phase of time. It increases their pride within their friends’ circle. While they cant realize that their concept of smoking is wrong due to their immature behavior. Smoking is neither a fashion nor a matter to keep on prestige. In reality, it is the cause of fatal diseases like bronchitis, lung cancer, and ulcer. Smokers have the possibility to get heart attacks easily.

 1. Lung damage:

health effects of smoking

One of the main health effects of smoking cigarettes is it directly affects the lungs because when a person breaths in a cloud of smoke it will be other additional of chemicals such as tar with nicotine in it. Cigarettes are responsible for a substantial increase in the risk of developing lung cancer. This risk is 25 times greater for men and 25.7 times greater for women.

2. Heart disease:

health effects of smoking

Another main adverse health effects of smoking cigarettes is it can damage the heart, blood vessel, and blood cells. The chemicals and tar in cigarettes can increase a person’s risk of atherosclerosis, which is the buildup of plaque in the blood vessels. This buildup limits blood flow and can lead to dangerous blockages. Smoking increases the risk of peripheral artery disease (PAD), which occurs when the arteries to the arms and legs start to narrow, restricting blood flow.

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3. Fertility problems:

health effects of smoking

Smoking cigarettes can damage a female’s reproductive system and make it more difficult to get pregnant. This may be because tobacco and the other chemicals in cigarettes affect hormone levels. In a male, the more cigarettes a person smokes and the longer they smoke for, the higher the risk of erectile dysfunction. Smoking definitely affect the quality of the sperm and therefore reduces fertility.

4. Risk of pregnancy complications:

health effects of smoking

According to the CDC, smoking can affect pregnancy and the developing fetus in several ways, including:

  • Increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy
  • Reducing the baby’s birth weight
  • Increasing the risk of preterm delivery
  • Damaging the fetus’s lungs, brain, and central nervous system
  • Increasing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome
  • Contributing to congenital abnormalities, such as cleft lip or cleft palate

5. Poor oral hygiene:

health effects of smoking

People who smoke have double the risk of gum disease. This risk increase with the number of cigarettes a person smokes. Symptoms of gum disease include:

  • Swollen and tender gums
  • Bleeding when brushing
  • Loose teeth
  • Sensitive teeth

Smoking tobacco can limit a person’s ability to taste and smell things properly. It can also stain the teeth yellow or brown.

The government should take immediate action. Tobacco and its belonging product must be banned to advertise on the means of media. The company and factories of such productions should be minimized. Smoking only product frail and unhealthy populations. From such manpower, the nation itself can’t fear forward.

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