Health Benefits of Buffalo Milk Consumption – Epic Top 5!

health benefits of buffalo milk
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Buffaloes are popular in Asia mainly in India and Pakistan. Buffaloes milk are whiter in color than that of Cows. This is because of better conversion of carotene into vitamin A from the diet provided. It’s milk contains higher amount of fat and SNF (Solids Not Fat) than the Cows milk generally in the range of above 5 and 8 respectively. In this article we will be learning about health benefits of buffalo milk consumption!

85% of global milk is supplied by Cow while 11% of milk is supplied from buffalo milk while remaining milk is supplied through camel, goats and sheeps. Average production of milk by buffalo is 7 to 10 litres per day and while that of cows is 10 to 16 litres. Buffalo are low yielder but they are efficient in converting coarse roughages in to milk. Buffaloes are better in risk minimization of diseases and harsh environments.

Buffaloes are also known as water buffaloes. Their milk are rich source of fatty acids, protein, calcium and phosphorus and lactose than the cows milk. High levels of fat in buffalo milk makes it suitable for making good cheese. India, Pakistan, China, Egypt and Nepal are top 5 largest producer of buffalo milk.

Let’s find out about the Epic Top 5 Health Benefits of Buffalo Milk Consumption!

5. Aids in Heart Health

Cholesterol content in Buffaloes milk is lesser than that of cows milk. In the world full of cardiovasular problems it willl be better to incorporate buffalo milk in your diet to improve your and your family’s heart. Disease like atherosclerosis and conditions like heart attacks and strokes can be minimized by consuming buffaloes milk which contain lesser cholesterol.

4. Better Growth and Body Development

Buffaloes milk is usually 10% higher in protein than that of cows milk. Since protein is very essential for a good body growth and development, Buffaloes milk helps your young children and old parents to maintain their good physique.

3. Immunity Booster

Higher quantity of vitamin A and C along with presence of mineral content Zinc which are great antioxidants for the body. These antioxidants help in scavenging the free radicals and elimination of toxins from the body. They are helpful in producing white blood cells which are the first line of defense from foreign particles.

2. Blood Circulation

High amount of Iron in the Buffaloes milk than in cows milk helps in promoting blood circulation. Since iron is the major component of Red blood cells which are important in providing oxygen to each cells of the body and thus ensures better circulation.

1. Bones Strengthener

One of the important health benefits of Buffalo Milk consumption is it helps in bone strengthening. Higher amount of Calcium, Phosphorus and vitamin D in buffalo milk than in cows milk makes it a good source for bone health. Better absorbability of buffalo milk components helps to fight osteoporosis in women and elderly people. It is great for strengthening our teeths too.

Health Tip: Buffaloes milk are lower in cholesterol than that of cows milk

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