Health Benefits of Lentil Consumption – Epic Top 5!

health benefits of lentil
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Lentil is one among the legume plant belonging to family fabaceae. Its scientific name is Lens culinaris. It is a cold season annual plant famous for it’s lens shaped seeds. Its seeds grow inside the pods. And it is mainly famous in south asia and consumed as dal along with rice and rotis. Canada, India and Australia are the large producers of lentil.
Lentil is believed to have originated from Western and Central Asia. In this article we are going to learn about the top 5 health benefits of lentil consumption. Some common names of lentil around the world are:

Adas – Arabic

Mercimek -Turkish

Messer – Amharic

Massur – Hindi

Musuro – Nepali, etc

Lentils are self pollinated plant having hypogeal germination. They have acropetal flowering i.e. from the base to the top. Lentils are of various colors depending on their types. Lentils either have bigger grains or smaller ones depending on the type. Some of its types are:

  • Brewer’s, grown in United States
  • Beluga, black colored
  • Brown, Spanish
  • Green, French
  • Puy lentils, Blue-green type
  • Yellow lentils, red inside
  • Red Chief
  • Eston Green
  • Richlea
  • Laird
  • Masoor, Brown skin but yellow inside
  • Macachiados, big yellow mexican lentils

Global average productivity of lentil is around 3 ton/hectare.

health benefits of lentil
A Tasty lentil soup!

Nutrient Composition

Nutrients you get from Cooked lentils per 100 gram!

Lentils are rich in carotenoids, lutein, zeaxanthin and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Lentil ranks second among legume as it has highest ratio to provide protein per calorie.

Let’s start our Epic Top 5 Countdown of Health Benefits of Lentil Consumption!

5. Body Builder

Lentils are rich source of protein and ranks only second to soybean in delivering protein per calorie. Lentils are one of the rich source of protein around 35% which is a good source for vegetarian. Important Amino acids especially tryptophan and lysine are found abundantly in the lentil which are responsible for repair and growth of the body. So a regular consumption of lentil in your diet ensures your body stays or gets into the shape.

4. Cholesterol level is lowered

Because Lentils are rich in soluble fibers, these fibers helps to keep your arteries and veins clear from cholesterol accumulation ensuring good blood circulation. Which in turn prevents us from atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes.

3. Aids in Digestion

As a result of rich amount of insoluble dietary fibers ensures a good digestion process. It is readily digestible too so can be used for sick people, kids and old aged people too. It prevents from constipation and disorders like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and diverticulosis.

2. Healthy Fetus Development

One of the important health benefits of lentil is it promotes healthy fetus development. Lentils are rich in folic acid which is one of the essential nutrients during pregnancy period. Folic acid is important for the brain development of child and prevent the neural tube defects too. It also helps to prevent premature birth too. Folic acid is helpful in formation of red blood cells and thus is necessary for pregnant women. It is also important for preventing hypertension and DNA damage.

1. Promotes Nervous Health

Vitamins like B complex, A, C, E, K and minerals like iron, potassium, manganese, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Calcium found in lentils plays a major role in promoting healthy nervous system.

health benefits of lentil

Safety tips:

  • People suffering from kidney stones and kidney diseases should not consume lentils because of high amount of oxalate and protein present in it
  • As Lentils form gas after fermentation, make sure you don’t get too much of it

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