Health Benefits of Sugarcane Juice – Epic Top 5!

health benefits of sugarcane juice
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Sugarcane is a cash crop mainly grown for making sugar. It is grown in the tropical areas. It is a perennial plant. The average yield of sugarcane is about 60 to 70 tonnes per hectare. The plant grows upto 3 to 4 meter in height and 2 inches in diameter. The scientific name of sugarcane is Saccharum officinarum. Here in this article we are going to discuss about the health benefits of sugarcane juice.

Sugarcane juice is popular in tropical countries like India, Brazil, Nepal, Thailand, etc. The juice is pressed from the sugarcane using the iron rollers. The juice is served with ice, and flavored with lemon or mint, ginger along with rock salt. We have been consuming sugarcane juice for a long time. It has various advantages for our health mechanism.

Sugarcane juice is rich in nutrients. It contains abundant amount of Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron, Zinc, various amino acids and vitamin like thiamine and Riboflavin. Sugarcane juice is rich in dietary fiber. An 8 ounce glass of sugarcane juice provides 180 calories of energy along with 30 grams of sugar. The juice is also rich in antioxidants like flavonoids and polyphenolic compounds.

Let’s start our Epic Top 5 Countdown of Health Benefits of Sugarcane Juice

5. The Skin Caretaker

Alpha hydroxy acids which is one of the key compound of sugarcane juice i.e glycolic acid performs the antioxidant effect on the skin. a regular consumption of this juice can help you to fight off skin infections and inflammations. It helps to scavenge the free radicals inside the body which helps to prevent the aging process such as wrinkles and scars.

4. The Teeth and Bone Strengthener

Sugarcane juice is loaded with minerals such as calcium, iron, Potassium, Magnesium , Manganese, etc and other minerals which are essential for teeth and bones. These minerals helps to protect the enamel of teeth and offers protection against decay and weakening of both teeth and bones. It also helps to counterattack the bad breath occurring due to nutrient deficiency. Regular consumption of this juice helps to prevent osteoporosis and ensures longevity of bones.

3. Improves Digestion

One of the important health benefits of sugarcane juice consumption is it improves the digestion process. The dietary fiber present in sugarcane helps to stimulat peristaltic motion, heals inflammation inside the gut, and prevents the constipation, bloating and cramping of legs.

2. The Stress Manager

Sugarcane juice is a great stress manager. The presence of tryptophan and magnesium in the juice helps to balance the stress hormones and ensures good sleep cycle. It is beneficial for people going through the insomnia problem.

1. Strong Immune System

One of the important health benefits of sugarcane juice is it helps to strengthen our immune system. The juice is loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants which are the stimulator and booster of our immune system. The chances of infection in various organs and suffering from various chronic diseases like cancer is lowered down by the regular consumption of this juice.

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