Health Benefits of Turmeric Consumption – Epic Top 5!

health benefits of turmeric
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Turmeric is a very important herb mainly used in the Asian cuisines. Turmeric belongs to the ginger family Zingiberaceae. It’s scientific name is Curcuma longa. The root of turmeric is especially used in the cooking process. The turmeric plant originated from Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. It grows well in the temperature range of 20 to 30 degree celsius. Plants are propagated through the rhizomes. Here in this article we will be learning about the health benefits of Turmeric Consumption.

Turmeric are used as a flavoring and coloring agent in many Asian dishes. It is also used for dyeing. Turmeric is used in powder form after drying and taking out the bark and then milling it into particle form. Turmeric has been used by Ayurveda for a long time because of it’s useful properties. The world’s largest producer of turmeric is India.
It is a perennial herbaceous plant and reaches the height of 1 meter. They bear hermaphrodite flowers.

Nutrient Composition of Turmeric Powder:

Carbohydrates 65%

Protein 6-8%

Fat 5-10%

Dietary Minerals 3-7%

Essential Oils 3-7%

Dietary Fiber 2-7%

Curcuminoids 1-6%

Turmeric powder contains 34 essential oils among which turmerone, germacrone, atlantone, zingibrene, etc are major components. It is used in different products like canned beverages, baked items, dairy items, yogurt, icecream, orange juice, popcorn, biscuits, sauces, cereals and many other products.

Uses of Turmeric:

  • Turmeric is used as a dye in clothing but usually is a poor one
  • Turmeric paper made by steeping paper in a tincture of turmeric is used as an indicator of acidity and alkalinity
  • Turmeric powder has been used from ancient time in brightening of skin, clothing, and ceremonial uses.
  • It is used in Haldi ceremony during the wedding period of Hindu and South Asian Wedding celebrations.

Let’s start our Epic Top 5 Countdown of Health Benefits of Turmeric Consumption!

5. Fights Depression

Curcumin found in turmeric has been proved to help people fight off with the depression. It helps to eliminate the symptoms of depression and prevents depression from worsening.

4. Decreases cholesterol

Researches has shown that turmeric is helpful in lowering the blood cholesterol which are present in the form of triglycerides.

3. Fights Osteoarthritis

Turmeric helps to reduce the pain of knee and improves the functioning of knees among the patients suffering from osteoarthritis.

2. Eliminates Hayfever

One of the important health benefits of Turmeric includes eliminating the hayfever. Hayfever symptoms like sneezing, itching, runny nose and congestion are controlled by regular turmeric consumption.

1.Reduced itching in People with Kidney disease

Regular consumption of turmeric is helpful in reducing itching in people who are suffering from chronic kidney diseases. The study published suggests that 3 times daily intake for 8 weeks has helped the patient in reducing the itching.

Other important health benefits of turmeric consumption are

health benefits of turmeric

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