Plague with Highest Death Toll Count in the History- Epic Top 5

plague with highest death toll

In this article we are going to find out about the top 5 plague with highest death toll count in the history of the world. But firstly we are going to know about the plague first. So what…

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Shortest Constitution in the World – Epic Top 5!

shortest constitution in the world

In this article we are going to find out the top 5 shortest constitution in the world ever written by different countries. Constitution are the supreme laws of the country. The first written constitution was written in 1215…

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Longest Constitutions in the World -Epic Top 5!

Longest Constitutions

Constitution is the supreme law of the country and we are going to find out the longest constitutions in the world ever written. Anything that goes against the constitution is considered invalid or void. Let us have a…

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Most Powerful Explosions In The World – Epic Top 5!

Most powerful Explosions

There has been a lot of explosions in the world and today we are going to discuss the top 5 most powerful explosions in the world! Humans have made tremendous improvements in the field of science and technology….

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5 ways to stay safe from corona virus (COVID-19)

ways to stay safe from corona

Corona virus has come to us in the 21st century as a biggest nighmare and in this article we are going to discuss about 5 best ways to stay safe from corona virus. Without the vaccines we are…

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Largest Seas of the World -Epic Top 5!

largest seas

There are many seas in the world which gets mixed into the ocean to become the largest water bodies. Largest seas of the world get mixed with various oceans and contribute to make the oceans. The world is…

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Most Beautiful Lakes to visit in Nepal- Epic Top 5!

Among many of the lakes in Nepal here are five list of most visited lakes in Nepal. Put one of these in your travel bucketlist.

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Health Effects of Smoking Cigarettes – Epic Top 5!

Smoking is injurious to Health we all know, here are few points that actually you might be not aware of smoking effects.

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Benefits Of Playing Football – Epic Top 5!

Ask any young person who their role model is and they’re likely to name a sports star. But working behind the scenes of every successful athlete is a group of highly qualified professionals in a league of their own.

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Health Benefits of Carrot Consumption – Epic Top 5!

health benefits of carrot

Carrot is a salad fruit and also a vegetable. It’s scientific name is Daucus carota. It belongs to family Umbelliferae. Carrot is known to be originated from Persia. In the past carrot used to be grown for its…

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