Places To Travel in Venezuela – Epic Top 5!

places to travel in venezuela
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Venezuela is a beautiful country located in South America. Its capital city is Caracas and is the largest city too. It’s official language is Spanish and has 26 other recognized languages. Majority of ethnic groups residing over there are Mestizo, European, African and Amerindians. The currency is known as petro. It has a total area of 916,445 sq. km among which 3.2% is occupied by water resources. In this article we will be discussing about the top 5 Beautiful places to travel in Venezuela!

The country is surrounded by colombia, Guyana and Brazil. Venezuela is rich in natural resources like petroleum and natural gas, iron, gold and many more minerals. Venezuela is mostly a tropical region as it lies near equator. Venezuela is rich in biodiversity. It has total of 1417 bird species, 3900 species of fungi, over 250,000 species of orchids. Some unique animals found in venezuela are three toed sloth, two toed sloth, Amazon river dolphins, and Orinoco crocodiles. Overall Venezuela is one of the gifted country in the world. Let’s start our Epic Top 5 Countdown of Places to Travel in Venezuela!

5. Margarita

places to travel in venezuela

Located at the Northeast of Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, is Margarita a Caribbean island. It has become one of the most popular tourist places in Venezuela not surprising when there is an average of 320 sun filled days. Where better to be if you want to try windsurfing and other water sports.
Being an island, Margarita is surrounded by a host of beaches. So whatever your choice there will be a beach for you, secluded or crowded, waves or no waves.
The mountainous island of Margarita offers tropical palm trees and is a natural, beautiful paradise.

4. Merida

places to travel in venezuela

Merida is one among the beautiful places to travel in Venezuela. Merida lies in the fertile valleys between the mountains and supports a lot of agriculture, including coffee plantations, sugar cane, flowers. It also supports tropical plants like palm trees, orchids, fruits and the Golden Rain tree. Merida is one of the cheaper places to visit in Venezuela. Merida has a diverse variety of landscape, such as snowy mountain peaks, natural rainforest, highland moors, waterfalls and lakes.
This diversity makes the location very attractive to those interested in wildlife, bird lovers, backpackers and climbers alike. The mountain peaks ay be covered in snow the climate is like spring for most of the year making for lovely warm days. Night time is a little cooler. Rainfall is usually during the months of May to September.

3. Canaima National Park

places to travel in venezuela
Canaima National Park!

Canaima National park is one of the beautiful places to travel in Venezuela. It is Venezuela’s second largest national park. There are mountain forests, thick woodlands that amazingly join sheer cliffs. There are some stunning waterfalls that cascade from the beautiful flat topped mountains, but most stunning of all is the famous Angel Falls. You have 2 choices in how best to see the Angel Falls. If you wish to navigate the Carrao and Churun river (an upstream trip that can take 3 ½ hours) and a one hour hike in the jungle you will be able to experience the base of the falls. Or for the more adventurous, which ever way you look at it, you can view the Falls in a small aircraft. Either trip is worth the visit as a trip to Venezuela is not complete without seeing the Angel Falls.

2. Orinoco Delta

places to travel in venezuela

Fishing for piranhas ( and coming home with all my fingers) on the Venezuela’s Orinoco Delta with howler monkeys watching you from the jungle canopy is not an experience one achieves every day and neither is meeting a Warao Indian family and seeing them in the process of making superb woven baskets.

Piranhas found in Orinoco delta! You can enjoy its meat over here

There is nothing more awe inspiring than walking through the vibrant and alive jungle in a world that seems lost in time.

1. The Guacharo cave

places to travel in venezuela

It is enormous and interconnected by narrow passages. The only light source was the lantern that the guide had who led the way.
The cave is home to the very interesting Guacharo (Oil bird) which is very unique in behaviour. This large bird is nocturnal and uses it’s bat like sonar location in poor light. It has long whiskers and a wingspan of over a meter and only leaves the cave at night to search for fruit.
The birds make a strange shrieking noise and it is a good job that you know that it is them as I could imagine it would be quite terrifying if you did not know otherwise.
There are far too many tourists in the cave at any time for my liking but this did not take away from this amazing experience. One thing is for sure if you are visiting the caves make sure your footwear has good grips as the bird droppings are very slippery. There are some running taps at the entrance but I would also advise making sure that you have some wet –wipes.

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