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Top 5 Richest Country in Water Resources in the World!

The world is full of surprises and differences. The natural resources has been divided throughout the world. Some countries are rich in natural resources while somewhere there is less. Anyway the balance has been maintained by nature to…

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Top 5 Country with Most Nuclear Weapons in the World!

country with most nuclear weapons

Out of total countries in the world only nine countries have the nuclear weapons. There are approximately 14,500 nuclear weapons in the world. The nine countries¬† which possess nuclear weapons are North Korea, Israel, India, Pakistan, United Kingdom,…

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Top 5 Tallest Mountains in the World

tallest mountains in the world

There are many tallest mountains in the world. Mountains are the highest land form on the surface of the earth. As compared to their surroundings, mountains are high points on the surface of the earth. Mountain range is…

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Top 5 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in the World!

Give your mind a chance to float to the most excellent places on the planet. Investigate staggering structural accomplishments, a tropical heaven, and temperate heaven. The 5 places underneath will probably fill your bucket list for a long…

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