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Top 5 Most Populated Countries in The World!

most populated countries

There are total of 195 countries in the World. And each countries have different population which is mainly dependent on the area covered by the country and also the type of geography available in the country. The countries…

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Top 5 Countries with Highest Coca Cola Consumption per Capital!

highest coca cola consumption per capital

Coca Cola is the largest consumed beverage globally. Coca cola has a long history of evolution. It was introduced in May 8, 1886 in Atlanta which means it is about 132 years old. It is a sweet carbonated…

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Top 5 Countries with Highest Average Annual Working Hours!

annual working hours

There are many countries in the world where people have different approach towards work! Some countries people work very hard, some work smart and some work very less. The development of a country is directly proportional to average…

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Top 5 Most Traveled Countries in the World!

most traveled countries

The World is filled with beautiful countries. And tourists love traveling to these beautiful countries in order to rediscover their soul, making them the most traveled countries in the world. According to data available from World tourism as…

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Top 5 Poorest Countries in the World!

poorest countries

World contains total of 195 countries which are classified into developed, developing and underdeveloped countries. Underdeveloped countries are the poor countries but among them some are the poorest countries in the world. We will find out about poorest…

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Top 5 Countries with Highest Per Capital Income!

countries with highest per capital income

The countries with highest per capital income are the one’s which earns more than other by exporting more of it’s goods and services. A country’s prosperity can be known by the per capital income of it’s citizen. It …

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Top 5 Countries with highest Milk Production in the World

highest milk production

Since milk is the healthiest drink for every human being we are going to know about top five countries with highest milk production in the world. Milk is a complete feed and thus considered one of the healthiest…

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Top 5 Countries with Highest Electricity Production

highest milk production

The world runs on electricity. It is one of the basic needs of each country and is a backbone for country’s development. The world total production of electricity is 25,551,300 Gwh (Gigawatt hour). So let’s see the top…

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Top 5 Countries with Highest Life Expectancy

highest electricity production

Well highest life expectancy of different countries means an average person in particular country lives for a highest number of years compared to other countries. We can view life expectancy as a measure of a range of public…

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