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Longest Constitutions in the World -Epic Top 5!

Longest Constitutions

Constitution is the supreme law of the country and we are going to find out the longest constitutions in the world ever written. Anything that goes against the constitution is considered invalid or void. Let us have a…

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Top 5 Longest Living Animals in the World!

longest living animals

There are many animals in the world. Every animal in this earth is unique creation of nature. Every animal possess some remarkable fascinating characteristics. Each animal have a lifespan of varying length. In this article, we will be…

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Top 5 Longest Ships Ever Made in the World!

longest ships

Ships are considered as the cheapest means of transportation in the world and is best for the ocean world! In the pursuit to conquer the aquatic world, humans have made different types of ships. Some are expensive ships,…

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Top 5 Longest Living Human of all Time!

longest living human

Ever wondered about the longest living human of all time! Let’s find out here. Humans life expectancy has increased with advancement of medicines, technology and different factors like gender, genetics, access to health care, hygiene, diet and nutrition,…

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