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Shortest Constitution in the World – Epic Top 5!

shortest constitution in the world

In this article we are going to find out the top 5 shortest constitution in the world ever written by different countries. Constitution are the supreme laws of the country. The first written constitution was written in 1215…

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Longest Constitutions in the World -Epic Top 5!

Longest Constitutions

Constitution is the supreme law of the country and we are going to find out the longest constitutions in the world ever written. Anything that goes against the constitution is considered invalid or void. Let us have a…

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Top 5 Most Lengthy Book in the World Ever Written!

most lengthy book in the world

Millions of book has been published in the world. Book are a great source of knowledge. You have only one life to live, but with books you can live 100 more lives. Books help to increase our imaginary…

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