Top 5 Countries with Highest Electricity Production

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The world runs on electricity. It is one of the basic needs of each country and is a backbone for country’s development. The world total production of electricity is 25,551,300 Gwh (Gigawatt hour). So let’s see the top five countries with highest electricity production according to data of 2017.

5. Japan

highest electricity production

Japan is one of the most developed country lying in Asian continent. It is the fifth most electricity producing country. It produces the total electricity of 1,020,000 GWh.

4. Russia

highest electricity production

Russia is the world’s largest nation with an area of 17.1 million square kilometers. It lies on both Asia and Europe continent. It is a developing country. It is the fourth highest electricity producing country with annual production of 1,091,200 GWh.

3. India

highest electricity production

India is the second most populated country and 7th largest country by area in the world. It is one of the developing country lying in Asia continent. It is the third highest electricity producer in the world with the annual production of 1,497,000 GWh.

2. United States of America

highest electricity production

USA also known as the land of opportunities lies in the North American continent. It consists of 50 states. USA is the world”s third largest country in size (after Russia and Canada) and the third largest in terms of population (after China and India). It is the second biggest producer of electricity after China. It has the annual electricity production of 4,281,800 GWh.

highest electricity production

China is the most populated country in the world. It lies in Asian continent. China is a developing country. It is famous for it’s great wall, From compass and gunpowder to acupuncture and printing press, many world-changing innovations were born in China and now it has emerged as an economic superpower. Large population, grandest mountain ranges, rich heritage, oldest government, vast history and immense culture are a few things which constitute China. China is the number one powerhouse of electricity. It has the highest electricity production. It produces the total electricity of 6,495,100 GWh annually.

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