Top 5 Countries with Highest Life Expectancy

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Well highest life expectancy of different countries means an average person in particular country lives for a highest number of years compared to other countries. We can view life expectancy as a measure of a range of public health factors: access to childcare services, traffic safety, hospital capacity, prevalence of smoking and so on. We have come up in this article with the top 5 countries with highest life expectancy according to the latest research by CIA in 2016.

Let’s begin our epic top 5 Countdown of Top 5 Countries with Highest Life Expectancy!


highest life expectancy

Monaco is a beautiful country situated in Europe. The life expectancy of the people residing in this country is highest in the world. With the highest average life expectancy of 89.52 years this country has topped the list.

2. Japan
highest life expectancy

Japan is a beautiful country from Asia. It is the most disciplined and hard working country in the world. Japan is mostly known for consuming healthy boiled foods. This country is second in the list with the life expectancy of 84.74 years.

highest life expectancy

Singapore is also a beautiful small country from Asia. Singapore is made up of one large island and 63 small, mostly uninhabited, surrounding islands. It ranks third in the table with the life expectancy of 84.68 years.


highest life expectancy

Macau is also one of the beautiful country from Asia. It has eight out of 10 largest casinos in the world. Gambling contributes 76% of its revenue. It ranks fourth in the table with the life expectancy of 84.51 years.

5. San Marino
highest life expectancy

San Marino is a beautiful country from Europe. San Marino is a mountainous microstate surrounded by north-central Italy. It ranks fifth in the table with the life expectany of 83.24 years.

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Learn about Monaco, our No.1 in the list in the video below!


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