Top 5 Expensive Electric Cars of Tesla!

Tesla the largest electric car maker in the world
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Let’s explore the top 5 expensive Tesla electric cars in the world! Electric cars are the future of the world. Elon Musk with his electric cars from Tesla are bringing revolution in the world. For a sustainable world and clean environment electric cars will occupy majority of the world automobile in a decade from now.

About Tesla

Tesla is an electric vehicle and clean energy company situated in Palo Alto, California, America. It was founded as Tesla Motors by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpennning on July 1, 2003. The CEO of Tesla, Inc. is Elon Musk. The company provides its services to North America, Europe, East Asia, Newzealand and Australia.

As of 2020 it produced 509,737 vehicles, 3,022 MWh batterries and 205 MW solar energy. Its services includes vehicle servicing, charging, insurance, improved connectivity and software upgrades. In 2020 it generated a revenue of 31.536 billion dollars and net income of 721 million U.S. dollars in 2020. As of 2020 the company has a total asset of 52..148 billion US dollars. Elon Musk alone owns 21% of the company’s share which makes him the major owner of the company. Tesla has given employment to 70,757 people.

Let’s start our epic top 5 list of expensive Tesla electric cars!

5. Tesla Model S, 2020

Tesla's electric car

With the selling price of 70,620 dollars for long range plus and 93,190 dollars for performance model, Tesla Model S of 2020 is the fifth among top 5 expensive electric cars of Tesla. With direct steering and well controlled body motions, model S is an agile sports sedan. The Long range model provides a range of 402 miles and the Performance model provides the range of 348 miles.

4. Tesla Model S, 2019

expensive electric cars of tesla

With the selling price of 81,190 US dollars, Tesla Model S of 2019 is the fourth among top 5 expensive electric cars of Tesla. The coverage of this electric car per full charge is 390 miles. It has a top speed of 200 miles per hour and reaches up to 60 miles per hour in less than 2 seconds.

3. Tesla Model X Long Range and Plaid

expensive electric cars of tesla

With the selling price of 91,190 dollars for long range model and 121,190 dollars for the Plaid model, Tesla Model X of is the third among top 5 expensive electric cars of Tesla. Among the currently available Tesla vehicles Model X is the most expensive electric car right now. It is very famous for its Falcon Wing doors for easy access to passengers. The Long range model covers an estimated range of 360 miles per full charge. While that of the Plaid model which offers 340 miles which has brutal acceleration and is expensive. This model has been produced since 2015 and going on.

2. Tesla Semi

most expensive electric truck

With the selling price of 1,50,000 dollars, Tesla Semi Truck is the second among top 5 expensive electric cars of Tesla. It’s founder series models which is limited for first 1,000 customers is expected to cost around 200,000 US dollars. This truck is expected to come in market by 2022 as per Tesla Inc. And this semi truck is a totally electric powered class 8 semi truck.

1. Tesla Roadster

most expensive electric car

With the selling price of 2,00,000 dollars, Tesla Roadster is the most expensive electric car of Tesla. Tesla has high expectations from Tesla roadster where it’s speed is expected to reach 60 miles per hour in just 1.9 seconds. And achieve a range of 620 miles from one full charge. Tesla roadster is expected to be released in 2022. And in order to book one, you need to make a deposit of 38,000 US dollars to make a reservation. The Founder Series which is limited to first 1,000 customers will cost around 250,000 US dollars.

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