Top 5 Reasons for Israel Palestine Conflict!

Reasons for Israel Palestine conflict
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Let’s explore the reasons for Israel Palestine conflict which is going on currently in the world. Israel and Palestine are at war now with each other. They are launching rocket missiles on each other these days. War is never good and results in death of thousands of innocent people.

With the features of intense violence and never compromising nationalism, Israel Palestine Conflict is a complex and full of controversies filled conflict. It is one of the longest running conflict in the history of world. Along with the establishment of state of Israel in 14th May 1948 which resulted from the 1947 to 1948 civic war which lasted for 9 months in which Israel turned victorious with more land under its control.


Israel is a Jewish democratic state. It is a developed country with a population of around 9 million people. Israel is also an OECD member. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel and the official language is Hebrew. Per capital income of Israel is 40,336 dollars. It covers an area of 20,770 square kilometers. It’s human development index is very high which is 0.919 and currency is called New Shekel. The country is filled with 74.2% Jewish people, 20.9% Arab people and 4.8% others.


While Palestine is officially recognized by the United Nations and other nations as the State of Palestine. It lies in Middle east region of Western Asia. It has a total area of 6,020 square kilometers with a population of 4.685 million. And the official language of Palestine is Arabic. Currently the president of Palestine is Mahmoud Abbas.

Despite various efforts and rounds of negotiations throughout the history the conflict is not yet resolved. As a result, many innocent lives has been lost and many have turned homeless.

Let’s start our epic top 5 list of reasons for Israel Palestine Conflict!

5. The conflict is more about the land than about the religion

Although the war between Israel and Palestine is depicted as a clash between Jews and Muslims, it is not. The Israel Palestine conflict is the result of disputed territorial claims by both sides and passionate nationalism. During The 19th century the world saw many nations coming out as independent nations. The founding father of Zionism is Theodore Herzl who advocated for an independent state for Jews.

On the other hand Palestinians also desired for an independent and sovereign Palestine state as they were being controlled at first by the Ottoman empire and then by the British. And since both sides wanted an autonomous state both failed to understand the legitimacy of each others claim and became self centered on their interests. And this led them to conflicts.

4. The conflict started from the British period

After the first world war Ottoman empire fell and the British took over the Palestinian territories. The period was known as the British mandate. The British rule brought fragments among the Muslim, Jews and Christians who were living in harmony during the Ottoman rule. This fragment resulted after the British created various institutions for various ethnic groups.

Then as per Balfour declaration the British helped bring the European jews from Europe to Palestine. And in the British period more than 3,20,000 Jews immigrated to the Palestine. The immigrated European jews did not share the cultural harmony like the Palestinian jews which brought conflict with the Muslim and Arab neighbours. This conflict triggered nationalism among the Palestinian people and since they could not unite with each other thus resulting in failing of the revolt with the British in 1936.

3. The 1948 war between Arab and Israel

Both the Jews and Muslims wanted an autonomous state and there was ever increasing tensions among them. The UN tried partitioning the two states but could not do so. And then in 1947 the civic war broke out which lasted for 9 months in which Israel turned victorious. And then the Israel declared their independence in May 14, 1948. The next day May 15 is considered as Nabka day by the people of Palestinians which means the day of catastrophe. More than 7 Lakhs Palestinians were displaced during the war who fled to various neighbor countries.

reasons for Israel Palestine conflict
The 1948 Arab Israeli war causing destruction at Gaza!

2. Occupied Palestinian Territories

Palestinian territories like West Bank which includes East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip is occupied by Israel since 1967. The UNs International Court of Justice situated in Hague, Netherlands declared those territories as ‘the occupied Palestinian territory.’ This occupied land is one of the major reasons for Israel Palestine conflict.

The West Bank and the Gaza strip were controlled by Jordan and Egypt respectively since 1948 till Israel won it over in 1967 in the six day war.

1. Current 2021 Crisis

The current conflict between Israel and Palestine was triggered on May 6, 2021 because of an upcoming decision related to eviction of four Palestinian families from Sheikh Jarrah. Many Palestinians people started protesting in Jerusalem. The area is under control of Israel but as per international laws it belongs to Palestine. The protest then soon got violent and there occurred confrontations among Jewish and Palestinian protesters. Then the next day on 7th May Israeli police force entered Al-Aqsa Mosque, one of the major holy site of Palestinians. More than 300 people got injured which was condemned globally.

Then on 10th May two militant groups of Palestine namely Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad started firing rocket missiles into the Israel from the Gaza strip. More than 1500 rocket missiles have been hit by the Hamas but owing to the advanced air defense system of Israel known as Iron Dome very few of them caused the damage. Israel also launched multiple air strikes which targeted news building and multiple apartments. Till now Palestine has reported 139 deaths and Israel has reported 7 deaths with many injuries.

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