Top Five Beautiful Places to Visit in Chitwan

Top five places to visit in Chitwan
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For all the tourist who wanted to visit chitwan, here we present you the top five places to visit in Chitwan. Even most of the local people might not have visited some of these places due to lack of transportation facility but make sure you visit these places when you have the arrangement for transportation trust me you won’t regret if you visit these places.

Let’s begin our Epic top 5 countdown of top five beautiful places to visit in Chitwan!

5. Narayani River Bank

places to visit in chitwan

Narayani River Bank is one among the beautiful places to visit in Chitwan. It’s very famous in Chitwan. The beautiful view of Narayani river with peaceful environment melts everyone’s heart. The cold breeze coming from Narayani at evening and morning takes your stress away. Also do not miss out the sun rise and sun set!

4. Shaktikhor

places to visit in chitwan

One of the non highlighted place in chitwan since that was the old palce for maoist like their home town where they used to stay and make a place of terror. But don’t worry now it’s safe they have landed safely. And it’s very beautiful place to visit transportation may be a problem but catch a bike ride from whereever you are.

3. Sauraha

places to visit in chitwan

Sauraha is the most famous tourist destination and is one of the very important among places to visit in Chitwan. you may like few things like elephant bathing, sunset view, boating, sauraha has been the old destination which definetly offers with advanced facility including jeepsafari and many more. Still there’s landscape with flowing rapti river and elephant breeding center which may be a place of your choice.

2. Ghatghain, Rapti

places to visit in chitwan

Ghatgain is one of the beautiful places to visit in Chitwan. It’s a beautiful emerging place for tourists and if you have any plan to visit Chitwan please don’t forget to visit Ghatghain. It has lot’s of places to offer including crocodile breeding center, rapti river and it’s bridge and taking you inside the Chitwan National Park. And it’s the same place where there is a big festival of “Bikram Baba Mela” once a year.

1. Golaghat

places to visit in chitwan

It’s a place where you can see river Narayani and Rapti meet in a point and you can see 360 view of beautiful landscape around Chitwan National Park. It’s the best place to eat fish as there are few hotels around the river bank. And most surprisingly that’s the place where you can see Hotel Jungle Barahi owned by Chaudhary Group, one of the best hotel in Nepal with almost all the amazing facility. It’s approximately 26 KM away from Bharatpur Airport but you won’t regret when you get there.

There are so many places you can visit in chitwan, please feel free to comment down below with your favorite place to visit in Chitwan.

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