Most Beautiful Lakes to visit in Nepal- Epic Top 5!

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A small landlocked country with an area of 147,181 square kilometers. A country which is rich with most beautiful lakes, mountains, varieties of floras and faunas, different species of birds, animals and many more. Country gifted by nature in terms of beauty and natural resources. One of the best tourist attraction point in the world with the highest mountains and beautiful lakes in it.

Talking about the lakes of Nepal, it is the home of the most scenic and surprising lakes. Most of the lakes are naturally formed and some are man-made which is remarkably serene, beautiful and calm. some of these lakes hold religious values too. Out of all those thousands of lakes 5 most visited lakes of Nepal are listed below. I hope this list will help you to decide your bucket list to travel this year.

1.Gosaikunda lake

most beautiful lakes

Gosaikunda lake is one among the most beautiful lakes in Nepal located in Rasuwa district at an elevation of 4380 meters. The lake holds religious importance and is a pilgrimage site during Janai Purnima. The interesting part about Gosaikunda lake is that it remains frozen for half of the year.

2.Gokyo lake

most beautiful lakes
Beautiful gokyo lake on the lap of himalayas!

Lake is located at an altitude of 4700-5000 m above sea level which is known as one of the most beautiful lakes of Nepal situated in Solukhumbu district of Sagarmatha zone. World highest fresh water lake system comprising six main lakes i.e

Thonak Cho,Gokyo Cho, Gyazumpa Cho, Tanjung Cho, Ngojumba Cho, Longpanga Cho.

These lakes even added religious values to the sacred site for both hindu as well as Buddhist of Nepal.

3.Tilicho lake

most beautiful lakes

Tilicho lake is one of the breath-taking lakes of Nepal located in Manang Districts. Situated at an altitude of 4919 meters, which relates to one of the worlds classic trek, the Annapurna circuit trek. Usually people visit Tilicho to see the beautiful scenario of Himalayas and freshwater lake.

Tilicho lake is popular for trekking so that daring tourists use to go for an adventure.

4. Fewa lake

most beautiful lakes

Fewa one of the pretty lakes of Nepal with the shadow of great Himalaya range and the fresh air forest. Fewa lake or Fewa Taal which is the second largest lake of Nepal located at an altitude of 742m and covers an area of about 4.43 km2 is known for the most attractive tourist place in Pokhara. A huge number of brightly colored wooden boats added the beauty of the Fewa Taal. The view of Fishtail and other mountains reflected in the lake.

The major attraction of this place is to literally enjoy boating and during boating, you can see the various varieties of fishes.

A huge number of hotels and lodges added the facilities which make tourists comfortable to visit the lakeside, due to this factor the number of tourist flow is high in Fewa Taal comparing to other lakes of Nepal.

5. Rara lake

most beautiful lakes

One of the Biggest and deepest freshwater lake in Nepal which lies at 2990 m which is also one of the most pristine lake. Rara is in the far north western part of Nepal located in jumla and mugu districts. Rara national park, which is the smallest national park in the country, while Rara lake is Nepal biggest lake. Journey toward Rara lake begins with challenging roads and beautiful scenario and the best time to visit Rara is in summer, spring, and autumn.

The visiting process to the lake is in increasing rate. Rara lake is prefer as one of the most beautiful destinations to visit even adventurous tourists go for trekking, hiking and mountaineering purposes.

At Rara people use to do Boating, Horse Riding, take a portrait and sleep under the sky in the tent.

More than this, to make more beautiful and attractive developing processes are carried out to make a tourist feel comfortable.

I hope you enjoy and have gained information about most visited 5 lakes in Nepal. Please do share this article among your circle and let everyone know about these lakes. Let’s make success this Visit Nepal 2020 and have a Lifetime Experience.

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