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Top 5 Tallest Mountains in the World

tallest mountains in the world

There are many tallest mountains in the world. Mountains are the highest land form on the surface of the earth. As compared to their surroundings, mountains are high points on the surface of the earth. Mountain range is…

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Top 5 Countries with Highest Per Capital Income!

countries with highest per capital income

The countries with highest per capital income are the one’s which earns more than other by exporting more of it’s goods and services. A country’s prosperity can be known by the per capital income of it’s citizen. It …

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Top 5 Countries with Highest Electricity Production

highest milk production

The world runs on electricity. It is one of the basic needs of each country and is a backbone for country’s development. The world total production of electricity is 25,551,300 Gwh (Gigawatt hour). So let’s see the top…

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Top 5 Countries with Highest Life Expectancy

highest electricity production

Well highest life expectancy of different countries means an average person in particular country lives for a highest number of years compared to other countries. We can view life expectancy as a measure of a range of public…

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Top 5 Most Consumed Alcoholic Beverages around the World!

most consumed alcoholic beverages

Belarus with per capital consumption of 17.5 liters is the country which consumed alcoholic beverages the most. Alcoholic beverages has a long history in mankind. It plays an important part in many social cultures. Alcoholic beverages are made…

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Top 5 Expensive Super Cars of the World

Expensive super cars

A super car is a luxury, high performance sports car or grand tourer. It’s a dream of every man living to own or even only ride these cars once in a lifetime. There are many expensive super cars…

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Top 5 Football Players of all Time!

players to look out for

Football also known as soccer is a team sport played between two teams each with 11 players with a spherical ball by staying within its rules and regulations. Football has a long history of more than 100 years….

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